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A good cleaning has always solved any problems for me.

I have never had to make any adjustments to the settings.

After 2 cycles, the unit goes off on 2 beeps from the board.

According to the Tech-Spec's pocket guide, this could be the thermistor. My question is: could the thermistor be causing the harvest problem, or is there another problem as well?

Hoshizaki KM-320 MAH Call was: Unit has 2 beep alarm.

Unit makes ice fine, but when it goes into harvest some of the ice does not fall off the evaporator.

As you may have guessed I don't have a whole lot experience with ice machines.

This may sound stupid, but just an FYI, (because I did it once).Make sure you are checking the resistance of the thermistor with an ohmmeter designed for higher resistances.Example: My Fluke 902 will read open, because it maxes out at about 2K ohms.By setting the timers to max setting you ensure a clean evaporator, no left over ice cubes.This is debatable, but I have rarely seen a Hoshi freeze up after making these adjustments.

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